Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 8- If only he knew

When I reached home.I looked for that paper which he gave me.It wasn't there.I searched my bags and everywhere but it wasn't there.I started thinking where I exactly kept ,no answer came in my mind.I wished I was not suffering from Alzheimer's disease.A cold sweat drenched me and I wondered what to do?he must be waiting for my call and what if he never gets my call he would think that I just passed time with him and played with his emotions.No,no thats not true I really love him ,what do I do now,why it happened ...destiny played a game with me and ultimately I couldn't get over it.I didn't remember anything of that number except that it started with a 9.I had no solution.I got rickety.It depressed me beyond words.I searched him on orkut but to get anyone on web is not that easy about whom you only know his name,gender,relationship status,religion.There were thousand Rohans of that kind.Just to get him I befriended so many Rohans but he wasn't any of them.I didn't get him what to do?I didn't even know where he lives,his age.I knew nothing to be sufficient enough to get someone on web and what if he never joined orkut.We got disconnected.A sort of despair haunted me for a long time.If only he could somehow know.I miss him more than words can I can only see him in my dreams! tumko hai mangati ye zindagiiii!!!!!!!!!



ayushi said...

just wish dat de both find each other...nd it was not at all a was really interesting...

Anonymous said...

very happening end
but this wasn't "The End"
i hope not
i was hoping for more to be written didn't want this to end this way so i just wish they meet up soon and u continue this

Dhanshi said...

Gripping plot!Feels so magical! Unexpected end! Wish they come together