Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 1- Eye to Eye

It was 4:00 a.m. In the foggy air that surrounded the morning I admired, his eyes watching me through the crowd, our eyes met for the first time. The white t-shirt that he wore accented with his splendid smile. As I watched him,I prayed fate would turn him my way.

He was standing behind me in the queue with about 6-10 people between us.It was hard and embarrassing to turn around every minute.But I did, every time I turned around his eyes were on me only.I wondered why is he looking at me that way?Is he mocking at my appearance or is he trying to grab my attention...nah! he might be wondering why AM I looking at him that way.I was tired by looking behind every now and then or perhaps I feared getting cramps in my neck,but I couldn't avoid it, he was mind-blowingly handsome.

It was a long queue approx about 2000 people were there,even spiders moved faster than us.Suddenly,I felt him breathing next to me with no-one between us...see,he cared so much about my neck.I was with my grandma.He was standing apparently close to me.

Fortunately then, line stopped moving due to the extensive crowd.After a while he made some space on floor and sat down as chairs were full with oldies suddenly, his head landed up on my left knee,I was petrified for a moment,as I looked down,a girl came up and said "hey thats my bro Rohan,I think he's sleeping please don't mind.".....mind ahh!!!no way...he was handsome enough and thank god!!! you are not his girlfriend.No problem...its okay! by the way I am Sonia...I said as we shook hands,she was Gogo.....hmmm cute name!.We started talking about general things,she was complaining about the long queue...I had no problem,I for my life did not want that queue to end.Everybody were standing still and there was no chance visible of moving.


ankit said...

the you have elaborated the narrator's feelings when she only saw him is really mind-blowing!!!

Anonymous said...

very genuinely expressed

aman said...

hooh !!! such a nice way to start, could feel all these things going on... and must say, a super way of writing, some of the lines really showed your great way of generating interest in people

Dhanshi said...

Hi! this is my first visit to your blog! Engaging start...right use of the italics. cant wait to finish it!!