Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 3- Rapport

Unfortunately,line started moving, he was exactly behind me, as we were moving he held my hair and moved it away from my back setting it on my right shoulder humming the song "you're beautiful".I was wondering what is he doing, as I looked behind he placed both his hands on my shoulder and whispered in my ears -"You have beautiful hair..are you Punjabi?"
"Thanks but I am not a Punjabi,are you?"
"Yes,I am"
"Great!!! I always liked Punjabi culture"

Then in between his friend came up and asked Rohan to introduce him to me.Rohan said-"Sonia,meet my friend Abhay,he is also a Punjabi..."wow!! what an introduction..
"and Abhay meet s...s...s...s..."
Abhay interrupted and said "ya ya i know hello bhabhiji!!!!!!".....Bhabhiji????.......Bhaaa-a-bhiji????Rohan was looking as if he would kill him right there and in between I curiously asked Abhay why he called me Bhabhiji??
He answered-"simple in the morning when Rohan saw you he said Look! Abhay she is the one!!!!"

Whoaah!!!,I was refreshingly surprised,I looked at Rohan and his pleading eyes looked directly into mine,begging my approval for his love.I recognized those eyes which provided me a sense of comfort and security.I was unable to hold his stare yet unable to look away.

Abhay messed up the most precious moment of my life by cracking up a conversation in a typical Punjabi tone.That time I wanted to kill him right there.I couldn't understand anything so I excused them.

After a while,Rohan came back to me and said "sorry about what Abhay said,I didn't really mean it.When I saw you I just said him that you look really sweet and your smile is the cutest I have ever seen and just that I love you..s..s..sorry I mean I love your simplicity and he took it in a wrong way please don't mind."

I burst into laughter.

"Now why are you laughing?"
"You really look very cute when you are so nervous."

He blushed.

"Relax its okay"

and again our chatter started-we talked almost about everything.

After the most memorable 6 hours spent with a guy who was charming and good at heart,we reached the temple and I observed his devotion as he closed his eyes and prayed.When he opened his eyes he said "Sonia,it was the best day of my life,for me you are an extra-ordinary friend.I don't know why we met and gained such a close friendship.I don't know what future holds for us..I know only one thing that we have met in front of God,a relationship-whatever it is-is created in front of him and I don't think anything can be purer than this.I really want to spend some more time with you but unluckily thats not possible,I will really miss you a lot,take care and keep smiling hope to see you again." Pretending to understand,I looked at him with a smile that masked my pain.I said "don't worry we will meet again,future holds something great for us"

But I didn't understand what was happening with us and why was it happening?what was destiny trying to hint us?

Whatever it was,at that moment I just wanted him to know that he was special for me,I didn't know in what way but he was.We were hands in hands but in silence.I looked at him but didn't know what to say.We walked out of the temple without sharing a word.

I joined my family and went back to the guest house,I didn't know where he was...I was to stay there for three days.


sameer said...

the way u hv written shows as if its ur own story so very well expressed u were actually able to jot down every possible feelings experienced.

sonia said...

this is mah fav. chapter
i simply luv ths