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This is a personal story of my friend Sonia who meets a guy unexpectedly in a temple. He was Rohan. This blog contains description about how they met and became friends and later fell in love and separate. The intention of writing this is if by any chance Rohan gets to read this blog...Sonia ki toh life hi banjayegi.I have written in first person but theres no need of any misinterpretation.Only those who can understand English as well as Hindi can go for reading it.It might be boring for some since there is no wild happenings.

Chapter 1- Eye to Eye

It was 4:00 a.m. In the foggy air that surrounded the morning I admired, his eyes watching me through the crowd, our eyes met for the first time. The white t-shirt that he wore accented with his splendid smile. As I watched him,I prayed fate would turn him my way.

He was standing behind me in the queue with about 6-10 people between us.It was hard and embarrassing to turn around every minute.But I did, every time I turned around his eyes were on me only.I wondered why is he looking at me that way?Is he mocking at my appearance or is he trying to grab my attention...nah! he might be wondering why AM I looking at him that way.I was tired by looking behind every now and then or perhaps I feared getting cramps in my neck,but I couldn't avoid it, he was mind-blowingly handsome.

It was a long queue approx about 2000 people were there,even spiders moved faster than us.Suddenly,I felt him breathing next to me with no-one between us...see,he cared so much about my neck.I was with my grandma.He was standing apparently close to me.

Fortunately then, line stopped moving due to the extensive crowd.After a while he made some space on floor and sat down as chairs were full with oldies suddenly, his head landed up on my left knee,I was petrified for a moment,as I looked down,a girl came up and said "hey thats my bro Rohan,I think he's sleeping please don't mind.".....mind ahh!!!no way...he was handsome enough and thank god!!! you are not his girlfriend.No problem...its okay! by the way I am Sonia...I said as we shook hands,she was Gogo.....hmmm cute name!.We started talking about general things,she was complaining about the long queue...I had no problem,I for my life did not want that queue to end.Everybody were standing still and there was no chance visible of moving.

Chapter 2- "The" One

I and Gogo continued our endless jabberings,in between the roses I got for chadava,since my hands became sweaty,one of them fell on Rohan's head following his chest finally resting on his palms.As i bent towards to pick it up,He opened his eyes and asked "is this yours?".I said "yes I am sorry I disturbed your sleep"....thank god! I did at least I got to talk with him,it was as if he is on his knees proposing to me and that too with a red rose,wow!!!...everything was same but he wasn't proposing me.

"No,no its okay.."
he said as he stood up and suddenly Gogo disappeared,I didn't know where did Gogo go..? and his second sister came up..I hoped her name is not cumcum...thats not cute.She didn't speak a word she was just standing there, as I was busy observing her,to my amazement Rohan outstretched his hands and said
"by the way I am Rohan..nice to meet you."
"ya I know...nice to meet you too."
"How you know that?"
"Gogo told me.."

"ohh I see,friendly girl..good hai!!!"

"Are you allergic to males or is there any problem with me?"
"Sorry I didn't get you"
"Thats not easy"
"whats not easy?"
"Nothing leave all that just tell me wanna be friends?"

This way I made the most wonderful friend.And,then it just started we talked continuously for three hours and we got on really well.we discovered we had so much in common and I was convinced that this guy was "the" guy.He was everything I ever wanted.He was nice,sensitive,funny.I liked him actually I liked him a lot...he was different.Just the sound of his voice gave me goose bumps.

Chapter 3- Rapport

Unfortunately,line started moving, he was exactly behind me, as we were moving he held my hair and moved it away from my back setting it on my right shoulder humming the song "you're beautiful".I was wondering what is he doing, as I looked behind he placed both his hands on my shoulder and whispered in my ears -"You have beautiful hair..are you Punjabi?"
"Thanks but I am not a Punjabi,are you?"
"Yes,I am"
"Great!!! I always liked Punjabi culture"

Then in between his friend came up and asked Rohan to introduce him to me.Rohan said-"Sonia,meet my friend Abhay,he is also a Punjabi..."wow!! what an introduction..
"and Abhay meet s...s...s...s..."
Abhay interrupted and said "ya ya i know hello bhabhiji!!!!!!".....Bhabhiji????.......Bhaaa-a-bhiji????Rohan was looking as if he would kill him right there and in between I curiously asked Abhay why he called me Bhabhiji??
He answered-"simple in the morning when Rohan saw you he said Look! Abhay she is the one!!!!"

Whoaah!!!,I was refreshingly surprised,I looked at Rohan and his pleading eyes looked directly into mine,begging my approval for his love.I recognized those eyes which provided me a sense of comfort and security.I was unable to hold his stare yet unable to look away.

Abhay messed up the most precious moment of my life by cracking up a conversation in a typical Punjabi tone.That time I wanted to kill him right there.I couldn't understand anything so I excused them.

After a while,Rohan came back to me and said "sorry about what Abhay said,I didn't really mean it.When I saw you I just said him that you look really sweet and your smile is the cutest I have ever seen and just that I love you..s..s..sorry I mean I love your simplicity and he took it in a wrong way please don't mind."

I burst into laughter.

"Now why are you laughing?"
"You really look very cute when you are so nervous."

He blushed.

"Relax its okay"

and again our chatter started-we talked almost about everything.

After the most memorable 6 hours spent with a guy who was charming and good at heart,we reached the temple and I observed his devotion as he closed his eyes and prayed.When he opened his eyes he said "Sonia,it was the best day of my life,for me you are an extra-ordinary friend.I don't know why we met and gained such a close friendship.I don't know what future holds for us..I know only one thing that we have met in front of God,a relationship-whatever it is-is created in front of him and I don't think anything can be purer than this.I really want to spend some more time with you but unluckily thats not possible,I will really miss you a lot,take care and keep smiling hope to see you again." Pretending to understand,I looked at him with a smile that masked my pain.I said "don't worry we will meet again,future holds something great for us"

But I didn't understand what was happening with us and why was it happening?what was destiny trying to hint us?

Whatever it was,at that moment I just wanted him to know that he was special for me,I didn't know in what way but he was.We were hands in hands but in silence.I looked at him but didn't know what to say.We walked out of the temple without sharing a word.

I joined my family and went back to the guest house,I didn't know where he was...I was to stay there for three days.

Chapter 4- Panorama

Three days passed as I longed to gaze upon his face,I was missing him terribly,time came to check out from Hotel,as I was walking out I was wondering if only he knew it,if only I get to meet him once again.Our paths crossed I saw him he was in black t-shirt which looked awesome on him.We smiled and waved at each other.

I wondered ,all through last three days I didn't see him and now when I am about to leave,he came in front of me and that too assuring me that he is going to stay for some more time since he was in casuals.I had to leave without letting him know how much I missed him.

We reached for taxi and left for the nearest station which was 1 hour and 30 minutes away,It was 10:00 p.m.

I was badly disappointed and confused with my fate,I cried until my eyelids closed and there I was deep asleep in the car and with a jerk I got up and what I saw rejoiced me,I saw him sitting in a taxi which was running parallel to my taxi.I got desperate to make an eye contact but suddenly the car disappeared,I thought it might be a dream.Whatever it was it took of my sleep.

We reached our destination as I helped Dadi to move out of the car,a taxi passed me by and stopped at some distance.I saw him again he moved out of the car and winked at me.I was extremely happy.As I passed him by I noticed his Dad staring at me so I decided not to look back otherwise he may take me in a wrong way...nah!! he would be right if he takes me that way.

When we reached the entrance of the station,my Dad asked us to wait as he went to enquire about the train we were to board.I turned around to see where he was and he was right there four steps behind me standing alone with biggest smile I had seen on him.He looked amazingly happy.In between his Dad called him from back and he went as my Dad came and said "lets go our train is to arrive in the morning 6:30 a.m."And, we left,I wondered if his train was to come before mine and if not then will he come looking for me and bla bla bla.......

As we reached platform no. 2,we set all the luggages and everything,ladies and gents ward were separate.Mumma and Dadi parked themselves on chair as I stood by the door waiting for him.It was 12:00 a.m I planned about what would I talk with him.Exactly at 12:25 I saw him with Abhay, looking here and there desperately,Of' course he was looking for me but I worried if he will see me since I could not do anything to grab his attention as mom was inside.He didn't see me but luckily Abhay saw me and called out Rohan
"oyye kithe khoj raha hai...saamne vichh khari hai".....hawww!!! he called me a witch.He blushed as he ruffled his hair-I simply loved that look.

As I was standing there looking at him,he said "come up yaar,I need to talk with you."I said "I am sorry I can't come my mum is sitting inside better you come and stand by the wall,she won't be able to see you."He came and stood beside me.

Chapter 5- Exaltation

His train was to arrive at 6:00 a.m and that too on the same platform......thank God!!! only for half an hour difference.

I was very happy that I got a chance to let him know about my feelings - but I lost my confidence, Its really hard to express when you really fear being rejected.All I knew was that he is what I had been searching for.He was my golden ticket to the gates of happiness.Yet these gates remain locked.Till then,I was left in that lonely field of friendship, sure, a friendship is an outstanding occurrence.But I wanted to take it one step further.I wanted to take him to a place he has never been, a place only my heart can describe.My mind was wandering as he started talking about his ''Miss Perfect'',before I knew,I saw myself as that person.A smile came over me.He asked what the smile was for. His soft stare soothed my nerves....It was that particular moment when I saw true love in his eyes,it assured me of a love that would last forever and I wanted to surrender myself to the magic of first love as I got lost in his eyes,overwhelmed by the certainty of my love for him,I struggled to say those three magical words out loud for the first time.I wanted to scream to the world that my heart felt bigger than my whole body,that I was in love and nothing could ever take away that feeling.Yet told him nothing he smiled back at my dumbness and told what a sweet friend I was."Friend".The word hit me like hurricane's wave on a beach.Maybe "friends" is all what we ever meant to be.So I just stood there,silent.I kept my real feelings hidden deep inside behind that little plastic smile I gave him.Maybe in a moment or two I will spill out everything to him in a flood of emotion.The moment was there,I have prepared for it all through 3 days-what would I tell him,yet I couldn't remember a darn thing.

I asked- "So ,did you get your "Miss Perfect"?"
"Yeah! I did get her...and you know her well enough to ask me her name."

"How in the world do I know her?"
"Ohh!!! don't act innocent baby,Of' course its you...I love you."
life was waiting for one to take the first step and thank God!!! he did that for me,I thought I was misreading the clues but it just got confirmed.

Abhay came exactly in between and said "chal be!! uncle is calling you, I am sorry bhabhiji..."Rohan pulled my cheeks and said "I will be back, don't sleep ok?...Luv ya"

I didn't understand why Abhay always messed up our most important baatein...perhaps he had a crush on Rohan.

Chapter 6- Hush-Hush!!!

I was on cloud 9,how easily he said,ohh my God!!!,I was crazily happy.I went inside to take some rest.The moment I sat,he was back standing at the door looking at me sweetly.My mum was in front of me so it was difficult for me to move out but you know?I have a mastermind - I asked mumma "Can I go to bhaiya ,I need a book, I am getting bored.She allowed me.

When I got out,he wasn't there.I was walking toward the gents ward as he caught my hand and ragged me behind a stall where nobody could see us.Facing me ,he said "so mam, are you scared?"
"scared of what?"
"you're with a stranger at 2:00 a.m in dark night that too all alone,you are not scared?"
"you are no more a stranger to me,and do I need to be scared of you?"

"Not at all honey,you're my baby I won't harm you in any way.Well,I forgot to ask,why do you love me?"

"Hello sir, when did I say that I love you."
"You said it just now,tell me the reason."

"I don't really know, for me love has no reasons,it cannot be explained,its just that I love being with you and its just that I never knew it feels so wonderful until I met you,I care for you,I have strong feelings for you,you are the one I always dreamt of,I don't even know if its love or just infatuation,and I don't even want to know,its only you and me who rocks on together,I wish to spend my whole life with you,If its love then yes I love you not for what you are but for what I am with you."

"How sweet shona ,I love you a lot and I don't fear getting separated after few hours because no matter how far you are from me,you'll always be in my heart,what you gave me is just unparallel,nothing else matters.I need your love.Its just the way you make me feel,the reason why I love you is you you and only you.I love you and everything about you.Its just that I like me best when I am with you and I know its love,no infatuation."

How spontaneous was that!

From 2:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m,we just talked talked and talked.We didn't realize and sun arose,my night ended with him,my day started with him.As I realized after 1 hour we will be away from each other.He handed over me a paper which had his contact and number and said-"please do call me or just give me a missed call,I will call you back."As he moved away, he said-"byeeee,take care,happy journey,do call me pakka,love you." I replied everything back,he turned away and I was waiting for him to look back once as he ran back and hugged me....the hug was long passionate and cozy.We were in each others arms feigning joy and feeling pain.AGAIN Abhay came and said something....I was too involved in Rohan to notice his words.I was looking at Rohan ,his eyes shared all his feelings with me but I failed to convince him.Abhay said "Sonia,it was wonderful meeting you,see you,take care."
I said "same here bubyee, happy journey."My eyes were still at Rohan as I said "I will miss you",he said "shhh don't say a word ,I won't be able to go otherwise."he stood in front of me for a while ,hugged me again and went back.

Chapter 7- Paradigm Shift

And suddenly I was reminded that I was with my family,what if mumma is searching me -- Ohh God!!! I was out of her sight all through mid-night.It scared me.I rushed to the gents ward and there I saw Bhaiya and Dad reading book - they looked normal-huh! I could breathe a sigh of relief.I took a magazine from Bhaiya and went back to ladies room.There I saw mum was sleeping-Thank God!I sat there turning pages on pages and looking at my watch as if I am preparing for my boards and the exam is about to start in half an hour.

It was 5:30 a.m,still half an hour was left for his train to arrive.Mumma got up and in between Bhaiya came and asked me to go for a walk with him...what a luck man! touch wood! but mumma said that she would also go with us so of' course I won't be able to talk with him but at least I was happy that I would see him.As we were walking I saw him standing at some distance,he looked sad.I wanted to hug him.My brother was talking about something,I don't know what was that about.He shook me and said "hey are you alive?,I am talking to you"
"No,I am dead."
"Try harder next time,tell me did you sleep all night?"

"What were you doing then just sitting and wasting time?"
"I was reading magazine."

"But you took that from me just few minutes before,what you did whole night?"

(mom interrupted,with her strict eyes)-"But beta you asked me at night to go to take magazine and you went also,Where were you whole night then?" "hmmm, err...Ma actually I went out but I was scared to move to the gents ward as it was mid-night and that too only few people were scattered here and there.So,I came back without taking any book and when I came back you were sleeping".........shit!!! I didn't know if she was sleeping.

I could see that she wasn't convinced at all but she didn't say anything.

Bro said-"So you wasted whole night....huh! God help you,I completed two books."

"No I didn't waste fully,I took a nap" someone's lap.

His train arrived ,luckily then and there we stopped walking for some morning tea.He got in and took his window-seat,I gave him a last smile,he gave me flying kisses and waved at me and his train buzzed off and disappeared through the horizon.lage jeet jaisi mujhe yeh kaisi haar hai?

I missed him,I missed him,I missed him.


Chapter 8- If only he knew

When I reached home.I looked for that paper which he gave me.It wasn't there.I searched my bags and everywhere but it wasn't there.I started thinking where I exactly kept ,no answer came in my mind.I wished I was not suffering from Alzheimer's disease.A cold sweat drenched me and I wondered what to do?he must be waiting for my call and what if he never gets my call he would think that I just passed time with him and played with his emotions.No,no thats not true I really love him ,what do I do now,why it happened ...destiny played a game with me and ultimately I couldn't get over it.I didn't remember anything of that number except that it started with a 9.I had no solution.I got rickety.It depressed me beyond words.I searched him on orkut but to get anyone on web is not that easy about whom you only know his name,gender,relationship status,religion.There were thousand Rohans of that kind.Just to get him I befriended so many Rohans but he wasn't any of them.I didn't get him what to do?I didn't even know where he lives,his age.I knew nothing to be sufficient enough to get someone on web and what if he never joined orkut.We got disconnected.A sort of despair haunted me for a long time.If only he could somehow know.I miss him more than words can I can only see him in my dreams! tumko hai mangati ye zindagiiii!!!!!!!!!



It was like a blind date fixed by God.I wonder how miraculous it would have been.Everything was predesigned. Destiny's game is not yet over.Kahaani abhi khatam nahi hui hai,kahaani abhi baki hai mere dost,It will be continued whenever they meet again.Just wait and wish.People meet to depart and they depart to meet again.True love stories never have endings.


P.S.Love is a miracle!It can come to any of us,at any time,in any place,in any way.All we have to do is reach out and touch someone.