Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 5- Exaltation

His train was to arrive at 6:00 a.m and that too on the same platform......thank God!!! only for half an hour difference.

I was very happy that I got a chance to let him know about my feelings - but I lost my confidence, Its really hard to express when you really fear being rejected.All I knew was that he is what I had been searching for.He was my golden ticket to the gates of happiness.Yet these gates remain locked.Till then,I was left in that lonely field of friendship, sure, a friendship is an outstanding occurrence.But I wanted to take it one step further.I wanted to take him to a place he has never been, a place only my heart can describe.My mind was wandering as he started talking about his ''Miss Perfect'',before I knew,I saw myself as that person.A smile came over me.He asked what the smile was for. His soft stare soothed my nerves....It was that particular moment when I saw true love in his eyes,it assured me of a love that would last forever and I wanted to surrender myself to the magic of first love as I got lost in his eyes,overwhelmed by the certainty of my love for him,I struggled to say those three magical words out loud for the first time.I wanted to scream to the world that my heart felt bigger than my whole body,that I was in love and nothing could ever take away that feeling.Yet told him nothing he smiled back at my dumbness and told what a sweet friend I was."Friend".The word hit me like hurricane's wave on a beach.Maybe "friends" is all what we ever meant to be.So I just stood there,silent.I kept my real feelings hidden deep inside behind that little plastic smile I gave him.Maybe in a moment or two I will spill out everything to him in a flood of emotion.The moment was there,I have prepared for it all through 3 days-what would I tell him,yet I couldn't remember a darn thing.

I asked- "So ,did you get your "Miss Perfect"?"
"Yeah! I did get her...and you know her well enough to ask me her name."

"How in the world do I know her?"
"Ohh!!! don't act innocent baby,Of' course its you...I love you."
life was waiting for one to take the first step and thank God!!! he did that for me,I thought I was misreading the clues but it just got confirmed.

Abhay came exactly in between and said "chal be!! uncle is calling you, I am sorry bhabhiji..."Rohan pulled my cheeks and said "I will be back, don't sleep ok?...Luv ya"

I didn't understand why Abhay always messed up our most important baatein...perhaps he had a crush on Rohan.