Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 4- Panorama

Three days passed as I longed to gaze upon his face,I was missing him terribly,time came to check out from Hotel,as I was walking out I was wondering if only he knew it,if only I get to meet him once again.Our paths crossed I saw him he was in black t-shirt which looked awesome on him.We smiled and waved at each other.

I wondered ,all through last three days I didn't see him and now when I am about to leave,he came in front of me and that too assuring me that he is going to stay for some more time since he was in casuals.I had to leave without letting him know how much I missed him.

We reached for taxi and left for the nearest station which was 1 hour and 30 minutes away,It was 10:00 p.m.

I was badly disappointed and confused with my fate,I cried until my eyelids closed and there I was deep asleep in the car and with a jerk I got up and what I saw rejoiced me,I saw him sitting in a taxi which was running parallel to my taxi.I got desperate to make an eye contact but suddenly the car disappeared,I thought it might be a dream.Whatever it was it took of my sleep.

We reached our destination as I helped Dadi to move out of the car,a taxi passed me by and stopped at some distance.I saw him again he moved out of the car and winked at me.I was extremely happy.As I passed him by I noticed his Dad staring at me so I decided not to look back otherwise he may take me in a wrong way...nah!! he would be right if he takes me that way.

When we reached the entrance of the station,my Dad asked us to wait as he went to enquire about the train we were to board.I turned around to see where he was and he was right there four steps behind me standing alone with biggest smile I had seen on him.He looked amazingly happy.In between his Dad called him from back and he went as my Dad came and said "lets go our train is to arrive in the morning 6:30 a.m."And, we left,I wondered if his train was to come before mine and if not then will he come looking for me and bla bla bla.......

As we reached platform no. 2,we set all the luggages and everything,ladies and gents ward were separate.Mumma and Dadi parked themselves on chair as I stood by the door waiting for him.It was 12:00 a.m I planned about what would I talk with him.Exactly at 12:25 I saw him with Abhay, looking here and there desperately,Of' course he was looking for me but I worried if he will see me since I could not do anything to grab his attention as mom was inside.He didn't see me but luckily Abhay saw me and called out Rohan
"oyye kithe khoj raha hai...saamne vichh khari hai".....hawww!!! he called me a witch.He blushed as he ruffled his hair-I simply loved that look.

As I was standing there looking at him,he said "come up yaar,I need to talk with you."I said "I am sorry I can't come my mum is sitting inside better you come and stand by the wall,she won't be able to see you."He came and stood beside me.