Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 7- Paradigm Shift

And suddenly I was reminded that I was with my family,what if mumma is searching me -- Ohh God!!! I was out of her sight all through mid-night.It scared me.I rushed to the gents ward and there I saw Bhaiya and Dad reading book - they looked normal-huh! I could breathe a sigh of relief.I took a magazine from Bhaiya and went back to ladies room.There I saw mum was sleeping-Thank God!I sat there turning pages on pages and looking at my watch as if I am preparing for my boards and the exam is about to start in half an hour.

It was 5:30 a.m,still half an hour was left for his train to arrive.Mumma got up and in between Bhaiya came and asked me to go for a walk with him...what a luck man! touch wood! but mumma said that she would also go with us so of' course I won't be able to talk with him but at least I was happy that I would see him.As we were walking I saw him standing at some distance,he looked sad.I wanted to hug him.My brother was talking about something,I don't know what was that about.He shook me and said "hey are you alive?,I am talking to you"
"No,I am dead."
"Try harder next time,tell me did you sleep all night?"

"What were you doing then just sitting and wasting time?"
"I was reading magazine."

"But you took that from me just few minutes before,what you did whole night?"

(mom interrupted,with her strict eyes)-"But beta you asked me at night to go to take magazine and you went also,Where were you whole night then?" "hmmm, err...Ma actually I went out but I was scared to move to the gents ward as it was mid-night and that too only few people were scattered here and there.So,I came back without taking any book and when I came back you were sleeping".........shit!!! I didn't know if she was sleeping.

I could see that she wasn't convinced at all but she didn't say anything.

Bro said-"So you wasted whole night....huh! God help you,I completed two books."

"No I didn't waste fully,I took a nap" someone's lap.

His train arrived ,luckily then and there we stopped walking for some morning tea.He got in and took his window-seat,I gave him a last smile,he gave me flying kisses and waved at me and his train buzzed off and disappeared through the horizon.lage jeet jaisi mujhe yeh kaisi haar hai?

I missed him,I missed him,I missed him.



Anonymous said...

hey this one was kinda off-track
but interesting