Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 6- Hush-Hush!!!

I was on cloud 9,how easily he said,ohh my God!!!,I was crazily happy.I went inside to take some rest.The moment I sat,he was back standing at the door looking at me sweetly.My mum was in front of me so it was difficult for me to move out but you know?I have a mastermind - I asked mumma "Can I go to bhaiya ,I need a book, I am getting bored.She allowed me.

When I got out,he wasn't there.I was walking toward the gents ward as he caught my hand and ragged me behind a stall where nobody could see us.Facing me ,he said "so mam, are you scared?"
"scared of what?"
"you're with a stranger at 2:00 a.m in dark night that too all alone,you are not scared?"
"you are no more a stranger to me,and do I need to be scared of you?"

"Not at all honey,you're my baby I won't harm you in any way.Well,I forgot to ask,why do you love me?"

"Hello sir, when did I say that I love you."
"You said it just now,tell me the reason."

"I don't really know, for me love has no reasons,it cannot be explained,its just that I love being with you and its just that I never knew it feels so wonderful until I met you,I care for you,I have strong feelings for you,you are the one I always dreamt of,I don't even know if its love or just infatuation,and I don't even want to know,its only you and me who rocks on together,I wish to spend my whole life with you,If its love then yes I love you not for what you are but for what I am with you."

"How sweet shona ,I love you a lot and I don't fear getting separated after few hours because no matter how far you are from me,you'll always be in my heart,what you gave me is just unparallel,nothing else matters.I need your love.Its just the way you make me feel,the reason why I love you is you you and only you.I love you and everything about you.Its just that I like me best when I am with you and I know its love,no infatuation."

How spontaneous was that!

From 2:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m,we just talked talked and talked.We didn't realize and sun arose,my night ended with him,my day started with him.As I realized after 1 hour we will be away from each other.He handed over me a paper which had his contact and number and said-"please do call me or just give me a missed call,I will call you back."As he moved away, he said-"byeeee,take care,happy journey,do call me pakka,love you." I replied everything back,he turned away and I was waiting for him to look back once as he ran back and hugged me....the hug was long passionate and cozy.We were in each others arms feigning joy and feeling pain.AGAIN Abhay came and said something....I was too involved in Rohan to notice his words.I was looking at Rohan ,his eyes shared all his feelings with me but I failed to convince him.Abhay said "Sonia,it was wonderful meeting you,see you,take care."
I said "same here bubyee, happy journey."My eyes were still at Rohan as I said "I will miss you",he said "shhh don't say a word ,I won't be able to go otherwise."he stood in front of me for a while ,hugged me again and went back.