Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter 2- "The" One

I and Gogo continued our endless jabberings,in between the roses I got for chadava,since my hands became sweaty,one of them fell on Rohan's head following his chest finally resting on his palms.As i bent towards to pick it up,He opened his eyes and asked "is this yours?".I said "yes I am sorry I disturbed your sleep"....thank god! I did at least I got to talk with him,it was as if he is on his knees proposing to me and that too with a red rose,wow!!!...everything was same but he wasn't proposing me.

"No,no its okay.."
he said as he stood up and suddenly Gogo disappeared,I didn't know where did Gogo go..? and his second sister came up..I hoped her name is not cumcum...thats not cute.She didn't speak a word she was just standing there, as I was busy observing her,to my amazement Rohan outstretched his hands and said
"by the way I am Rohan..nice to meet you."
"ya I know...nice to meet you too."
"How you know that?"
"Gogo told me.."

"ohh I see,friendly girl..good hai!!!"

"Are you allergic to males or is there any problem with me?"
"Sorry I didn't get you"
"Thats not easy"
"whats not easy?"
"Nothing leave all that just tell me wanna be friends?"

This way I made the most wonderful friend.And,then it just started we talked continuously for three hours and we got on really well.we discovered we had so much in common and I was convinced that this guy was "the" guy.He was everything I ever wanted.He was nice,sensitive,funny.I liked him actually I liked him a lot...he was different.Just the sound of his voice gave me goose bumps.